i saw these pictures on style files a few days ago and fell in love. i absolutely love the wood floor in the shower - i think it would go great with a pebbled bathroom floor. and that kitchen? stunning - although, i wonder how they keep that back splash clean? i would develop serious ocd if i had that in my kitchen...
while browsing through emma's designblogg today i came across the closet organized by designer sasa antic. i absolutely love his idea for hanging boots and need to find a little wall space in my new closet to do the same.

i would be slightly concerned that the clamps would leave a mark on leather boots, so i would definitely pad them, and then i would probably hang a hook in the wall that extends out to hang the clamp from. you know, like those wall hooks people use for small hanging plants, etc? i figure the distance off the wall would let the boot hang more evenly and make it easier to remove. anyone else have some great boot storage ideas?

a co-worker told me about this blog today and i can't get enough of it. stuff white people like is HILARIOUS, and while some of it may feel like a sharp jab to the ribs, you can't help but laugh at how stereotypically true it is. like this comment about white people loving the prius:

"The Toyota Prius gets 45 miles per gallon. That’s right, you can drive 45 miles and burn only one gallon of gasoline. So somehow, through marketing or perception, the Prius lets people think that driving their car is GOOD for the environment.

It’s a pretty sweet deal for white people. You can buy a car, continue to drive to work and Barak Obama rallies and feel like you are helping the environment!

Some white people decide to pull the ultimate move. Prius, Apple Sticker on the back, iPod rocking, and Democratic Candidate bumper sticker. Unstoppable!"

(sorry to my prius loving friends, but it was just too damned good to pass up...)

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okay, i think i finally have my living room figured out. after browsing through website after website after website of furniture stores i've decided to finally give in and buy my living room set at west elm.

some of you may remember these chairs and couch i posted a couple weeks back. i ordered them in brown leather - 2 chairs for the bay window and one couch for along the wall. (these are from ikea)

i want to get this sideboard as my new tv stand. just a few inches off from my current stand, this sideboard has open space for the cable box, dvd player and the wii while still offering coveted covered storage.

the coffee table and side table repeat the same metal legs that both the couch and side board have and include a little more storage space with small drawers in the wooden tops.

now all that's left is finding a bookcase to match and a nice area rug - like the cable rug, also available at west elm. the thought of actually walking into a west elm store and walking out with a purchase makes me giddy beyond belief. now i just have to learn self control in the next 72 hours to ensure i don't get too carried away the second i walk in the doors...

while i was cleaning out my camera last night i came across some videos of elli when she was a wee pup - she was so damned cute it kills me. her pudgy little legs and fat head were the greatest things ever. so much so that i thought filming her while she ate was AWESOME.

she's now matured into a lanky spaz who still steals my heart every waking moment, aside from the times when she's devouring one of my limbs. she'll be 5 months old this week which is crazy to me. i feel like we've only been together a few weeks, when in fact it's been a few months. this video is of elliott in the new apartment yesterday - i bought her a sheepskin rug to sleep on, but that couldn't happen until she was sure it was dead and could never possibly come back to life and devour her.

i have no idea what to expect when i move her into her new home. these next few weeks will be a little hectic for her as we move and then drive down south for a few days to visit her papa. she has been infinitely patient with everything she's gone through, especially if steak and cheese are part of the program. she's graduated from puppy kindergarten and still does nothing on command, but rather when she thinks it's cute, which is basically when she's done something horribly wrong - like step in her own poop and then step on me. she's finally learned to play with other dogs which entails her rolling on her back waiting for them to think it's entertaining. some actually fall for her tactic, but most walk right on by leaving her at a complete loss as to how they didn't see how cute she is. humans fall for it every time - why not dogs?

as summer approaches i know our lives together will only get better. from camping trips to days at the beach, she'll finally get to enjoy the great outdoors without getting wet or slipping in mud. she'll be a happy active pup, and a happy pup means a happy mama...
finding a new living room set is turning out to be a little more difficult then i anticipated. as you can see, there are two insets to either side of the fireplace that need filling, but i'll be damned if i can find anything.

my tv is currently on a sideboard that has worked really well over the years. while most tv units are on the short end, the height of this unit (approx 3 ft) has been awesome. i can put it anywhere and still be able to see the tv. most consoles for tvs average just around 2 ft which to me, is just too low, especially if it's going to be flanked by a 6 ft ma
ntle. i was hoping to do two matching units on either side of the fireplace, but think i will need to get one side board and one standard bookshelf - nothing too high, but just enough to balance the other side. ikea was futile - everything that was reasonably priced for ikea furniture was either a little too big or a little too small. so i decided to hit the web and see what i can find.

i really like stow tv console from room & board. while priced slightly on the high end, it's just the right height, width and neutrality that i need.

the copenhagen would be awesome - it would go great with the new couches and with the drop down door i could hide the tv when i'm tired of it.

i would of course then feel compelled to get the copenhagen bookcase, but at 58 in. maybe it would be too many tall pieces in one living room? anyone have some suggestions on great places to find furniture for reasonable prices in the city?

i always like to see what men in the financial district wear - some have the worst taste ever in clothing and others look so damn suave it kills me.

my favorite part is always their shoes and their bags. i love a great mens messenger bag and would love to see this one hanging on someones shoulder next to me.
made by working class heroes the unfold laptop bag is to die for. made of leather and cotton canvas, the unfold can hold up to a 17" macbook pro and is absolute sexiness. i kind of want one for myself!

i'm loving these new fabrics at ikea. i get sick of graphic prints pretty quickly, but maybe i could make something for friends out of it. and at $5.99 a yard, you can't go wrong...
as i slowly prep to move into my new place there are a million and one things i want to buy to make it just right. granted, i'll probably be so overwhelmed with the stuff i already own that i won't buy anything for awhile, but that doesn't stop me from day dreaming about all the stuff i want.

the bedroom in the new apartment is a little on the dark side - while it has two windows, they
don't get much direct light, so i really need to find a way to maximize the light in the space. all i can think of is a really big mirror to put on the wall that gets most of the light that does come in. anyone have some suggestions on places to find affordable mirrors? here are a few that i'm already in love with...

awesomeness. see them all here.
i love organically designed objects for the home - especially practical ones, like this fern clock. i could totally see marty with this in his & charlotte's adorable place...
i FINALLY found a new apartment and couldn't be more excited! it's in an adorable yellow house, with a great yard in an awesome neighborhood. and the best part? the very best part? it's quiet...so very, very quiet. after living on a major intersection for over a year, the thought of not hearing the bus, or horns honking, or crazy bums yelling sounds like heaven to me.

my current apartment is lovely and updated and big, but this new place? this new place is just right for my little one and i. of course, i'm already thinking of all sorts of things to change to make the place my own, but well, isn't that what makes moving exciting?

i'll be posting before and after pictures of the place over the course of the next month - anyone want to pack for me? please?

happy valentines day lovelies...
hi all - sorry for the lack of posts - i'm battling a fierce sinus infection and am out of commission for the day. i'll post once my nose is back in working order... cheers.

i think i may have found new couches (and a new apartment to put them in). i decided against a sectional once it dawned on me that most living rooms in the city have bay windows and well, it won't work all too well.

so i've decided to go with a leather couch and two chairs from ikea. the images are of the couch in white, but i think i'm going to go with a rich chocolate brown. they look pretty plain in the photos, but were totally plush and comfortable in the store. and the chairs? i can't wait to curl up with a good book in one...
i love to jewelry to a fault. i can't resist it - ever. here are some lovely pieces i've been drooling over lately, all available at doe.

man oh man would i have loved to have wall paper i was supposed to draw on as a kid. check out the whole collection at 2jane.

happy friday!
yay! a cb2 is opening here in the city in the summer! so the big question is - do i hold out on buying a new couch till it opens so i can test out that lovely sectional i posted about? i don't know if my patience has that kind of longevity...

i have some paint your own russian nesting dolls at home - i just may need to make these with them. buy your own set here.
west elm. it's like a dagger through my heart. i just got an email from them, as though they read my mind (or this blog), about a new couch. and not just any couch. the elliott couch. as in my new puppy elliott - a couch made for her? a couch made for us? why? why must you tempt me endlessly?...

genius and totally awesome. we need these here in the city...

i saw these over on decor8 and thought they were fantastic. designed by two sisters under the moniker spin designs, these adorable mobiles are made out of museum mat board. (yet another "why didn't i think of that?" moment) they also make some really great jewelry - check out their etsy shop here.
for those of you considering going to coachella this year, they've listed their line up. not too long ago they had the bands listed by date, but i guess it's up in the air, so now they just have a long list of bands. i wonder if portishead will go on tour afterwards?
a little more shepard fairey goodness - not saying you should vote for obama, but these prints are pretty sweet if you ask me...


LOVE LOVE LOVE these ads for ikea.
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