happy friday!

hardware drawers

love, love, love these hardware drawers - if only i knew where to put them in the nest.


the coachella line-up has been announced and tickets are on sale. soooo tempting!

be mine

i'm not one to celebrate valentines, but i have to admit, this paper rib cage with heart would make a fantastic gift your loved one. get your own here.

living in boxes


phew. sorry for the hiatus there people. work has picked up the pace a little faster then i can keep up with AND i'm moving!

indeed, as some of you know, i've been apartment hunting here in the city for a couple months now and finally found a little place way up in the sky. i like to refer to it as my nest - small, cozy & it has a good view.

i'm slowly moving in over the next week and will have plenty of photos and updates along the way. i'm yet again selling the bulk of my furniture and minimizing even further, so this experience will be interesting to say the least! stay tuned for updates!

orla kiely @ target!

SHUT UP. most of you know that i am an absolute glutton for orla kiely (just picked up one of her suitcases the other week!), and you also know i am an absolute glutton for target. put the two together and i am ear-to-ear smiles. apartment therapy gave a little preview to the new orla kiely goodness coming soon (start of february) and i am officially bursting at the seams with excitement. hooray!

eames on sale

because i love you all, i will tell you that this chair is on clearance for $250. please save one for me, or else i will have to come sit on it at your house every day.

lucious coats by lia lintern

shut up. these coats are unbelievable. jaw dropping. AND they are custom made to fit you like a glove. *swoon* check out the whole collection here.

muni magnets!

the first batch of magnets sold out (thanks everyone!), so i'm slowly working on uploading a whole new set. i should have all of san francisco up by the end of the week, but if you're looking for a particular part of town, drop me a line via my shop for a custom order. thanks!

zoological typeface

hello. i love you.

poladroid book

i've been a glutton for the poladroid software since its inception and love seeing all the awesome shots people post in the poladroid group. one of the members suggested making a book, and since one of my resolutions this year is to make more things, i volunteered for the job.

poladroid just released their windows version, so i'm accepting submissions for shots for a bit longer while all the pc folk discover the wonder of the poladroid. but if you want to submit your poladroid shot, shoot me a
flickr mail or submit it in our book discussion thread in the flickr group here.

hooray poladroid!
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