this is not a polaroid volume one

the book is finally done! it took a lot of long nights and a lot of back & forth with some awesome photographers, but it was totally worth it in the end. juan designed a bunch of cover ideas for me, and we were all torn between two, so we have both available! we printed them via blurb and you can check them out here!
my brother makes my view look even better then it really is...RAD.

musique automatique

hello new friend.

last night i received my first package at the nest and tucked safe inside it was a black nintendo ds! those of you who know me, know i'm a glutton for some nintendo action - in particular some serious mario karting on my wii. i've taken over my brother's wii fit too and have found i am horrible at wii hula hooping. i suppose i suck at regular hula hoopage too.

so anyways, thanks to justine, i have this rad ds with brain age which i battled last night on the metro. despite being told my brain's age was that of a 76-year-old, i'm pretty much addicted and NEED to prove it wrong. because i'm competitive like that.

now i need more games. any suggestions? rayman's raving rabbits so they can make me crazy no matter where i am? some cooking games so i actually know what i'm doing in the kitchen? hello kitty, spongebob, fifa, yoga, wall-e? so many options i don't know where to start! thanks justine!

oh this weary mind of mine...

(click to enlarge - by adam simpson)

walls notebook

how fantastic is this walls notebook!?! this sketchbook has 80 fresh nyc walls waiting for you to doodle all over them. you can play around with an online version here, but for less then 20 bucks there's no reason to not buy the real deal!
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helvetica + moleskin = heaven!

shut up. special edition helvetica moleskin? two of my favorite things combined in one? is this legal? oh nubby, how i envy you...

gym bags

i love when old items are re-purposed for something new, and zirkeltraining bags are no exception. bern dörr is taking old recycled sports equipment & gym mats and turning them into awesome bags. while they are only sold in stores in germany, the netherlands, italy, japan & austria - i'm sure they'll make their way to this side of the world in no time. check out the full collection here.

moleskin folio collection

A4 & A3 moleskin notebooks? YAY!
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wooden earbuds

oh lordy - these wooden earbuds are almost too hard to say no to. gimme!
i'm surrounded by boxes and really just want to be in the nest unpacking, instead of here - kind of packing, kind of diddling around the internet. the shot above is the view from my new living room & bedroom. i haven't had a city view since i was in college and excitement doesn't even sum up my emotions right now. being up in the sky overlooking this city i so love is intoxicating...
welcome to the end. of the page that is.

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