hello new friend.

last night i received my first package at the nest and tucked safe inside it was a black nintendo ds! those of you who know me, know i'm a glutton for some nintendo action - in particular some serious mario karting on my wii. i've taken over my brother's wii fit too and have found i am horrible at wii hula hooping. i suppose i suck at regular hula hoopage too.

so anyways, thanks to justine, i have this rad ds with brain age which i battled last night on the metro. despite being told my brain's age was that of a 76-year-old, i'm pretty much addicted and NEED to prove it wrong. because i'm competitive like that.

now i need more games. any suggestions? rayman's raving rabbits so they can make me crazy no matter where i am? some cooking games so i actually know what i'm doing in the kitchen? hello kitty, spongebob, fifa, yoga, wall-e? so many options i don't know where to start! thanks justine!

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cuteseas said...

I beast at Wii hula!!!

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