little dragon

little nest

i'll admit, i don't quite agree with buying such expensive furniture for little ones to play on, but hot damn are these cute!

girlfriends guide to gaming

when i was a young kid my family couldn't afford to buy me the ever popular nintendo gameboy. naturally, i refused to feel like i was missing out, so i made one of my own - out of paper. seriously. i bundled sheets together till they were the size of a gameboy, drew on little controllers, and made a small window where i could slip in my various hand drawn screens, aka levels. for an imaginative kid like me, it worked just fine, but i'd be lying if i said i didn't always lust after the real thing.

a few weeks ago i was approached to host a party for a bunch of my girlfriends. a party where we would eat, drink and play the nintendo ds lite. i keeled over in delight. not exactly the gameboy of my youth, but the new grown up version. i jumped at the offer and in no time the girls and i were all together playing and being merry. AND we all got one to take home. my childhood dream came true...

i'm beginning to think my parents never bought me a gameboy because they knew how addicted i would be. my ds lite and i have gotten to know one another well in these last few weeks - very well. i suddenly have more games then i can count - racing games, cooking games, guitar hero goodness - i have them all. i play it at home, on the train, on planes - everywhere. i think i have a problem. but it's soooo good.

so the point of the story? never stop dreaming - it may take 20 years, but your dreams will eventually come true. at least mine did!

periodic table of shortcuts

brilliant periodic tables of adobe shortcuts.
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i'm so excited derek & lauren of the curiosity shoppe have a book coming out (woot chronicle books!) titled 'wallpaper projects'. i'm smitten with every project they put up on their blog - i can only imagine what their book will be like!

a different kind of blue

oh what i would give to have these up on my wall...

wild things


writers (anti)block

writing as a full time gig has been a crazy transition in life. from writer, to designer, to account cog - i'm back full circle - a little worn, a little wiser, and a whole lot less inspired. i listen to elizabeth girlbert's ted talk fairly regularly for encouragement when i hit that massive creative wall. or should i say, when my genius is off gallivanting around town while i am trying to create.

i think i need this kit to thwart writers block for those days when nothing - and i mean NOTHING - comes from my brain. pre-chewed pencils? yes please!

callout cards

wooly goodness

i'm a glutton for homemade plush toys. i make my little ones toys all the time from scraps of fabric and sadly shrunken sweaters. so naturally i'm smitten whenever i see toys like the ones made by viola studios. i want them all (especially the elephant!).

sign of the times

super excited to check out this exhibit by pentagram in austin - if you'll be there for sxsw, be sure to RSVP and pop in on saturday night!

wwf love

absolutely adorable video for the world wildlife fund.

naomi murrell goodness

rock maple love necklace
(via the ever delightful tokyobunnie)

helvetica moleskin part deux

i posted about the red limited edition helvetica moleskin a little while back, and have been thinking about them ever since. i did some serious digging and found that they are sold through moleskin's asia site. even better then finding where they are sold was discovering the black limited edition helvetica moleskin! limited at a run of 500, yours truly jumped on it and is now eagerly anticipating a box from hong kong. pictures to follow once it arrives...

periodic table of typefaces

LOVE this! the geek in me would totally hang this in my house...
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pantone shoes!

seavee's have come out with pantone shoes - a collection of 7 colored shoes celebrating the founding of pantone over 40 years ago. awesome.

origami sticky notes

it's a well known fact that i'm a post-it hoarder, so naturally i just about fell over when i saw these bad boys. LOVE it!

happy birthday cake


(thanks kevin!)
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