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when i was a young kid my family couldn't afford to buy me the ever popular nintendo gameboy. naturally, i refused to feel like i was missing out, so i made one of my own - out of paper. seriously. i bundled sheets together till they were the size of a gameboy, drew on little controllers, and made a small window where i could slip in my various hand drawn screens, aka levels. for an imaginative kid like me, it worked just fine, but i'd be lying if i said i didn't always lust after the real thing.

a few weeks ago i was approached to host a party for a bunch of my girlfriends. a party where we would eat, drink and play the nintendo ds lite. i keeled over in delight. not exactly the gameboy of my youth, but the new grown up version. i jumped at the offer and in no time the girls and i were all together playing and being merry. AND we all got one to take home. my childhood dream came true...

i'm beginning to think my parents never bought me a gameboy because they knew how addicted i would be. my ds lite and i have gotten to know one another well in these last few weeks - very well. i suddenly have more games then i can count - racing games, cooking games, guitar hero goodness - i have them all. i play it at home, on the train, on planes - everywhere. i think i have a problem. but it's soooo good.

so the point of the story? never stop dreaming - it may take 20 years, but your dreams will eventually come true. at least mine did!

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Holly said...

That was a really cute post. For me, it's my Super Nintendo, which recently broke, and I'm so sad.

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