forget me not

Forget from Michael Fragstein on Vimeo.

happy friday lovelies!


i'm totally smitten with these porcelain planters shaped like broken eggs. get your own at revision's etsy shop.


loving the work of jennifer daniel.

shaking it up

quake quiz - a hilarious series of tests for the residents of san francisco on earthquake preparedness. i haven't laughed this hard in awhile...

smarty rex

saw this rex ray designed smart car over on the chronicle books blog and just about died. itty bitty cars with big rex ray goodness on them? yes please!

(images via michael carabetta)

old fashioned tweet

twitter on paper. fantastic!

villa berkel

as if the temptation to move to the netherlands wasn't enough, i then see a house like this. gimme.


hands down the best email subject line i have ever received!
(click to enlarge)

in transit

pretty much my favorite site to waste time on right now. seriously making me wish i was traveling at this exact moment and every moment that follows it...

twelve step

i have a problem. i have an addiction to vintage goods. particularly vintage goods on etsy that can be mine with a simple click of a button. not only did i cave and buy the bowling pins in the post below, but i also bought the vintage fan shown above. if they have porn filters to block adult content, why don't they have them to block content tempting to the likes of people like me?

stroke of luck

having a hard time deciding what your new design company name should be? check out breadline's name my design company machine - takes all the work of creative genius off your shoulders.


karen pointed me in the direction of this post about andre aka monsieur painting flaunt magazine's headquarters while in town for an art show earlier this year. flaunt was one of the first places i worked years and years and years ago. their first year in existence actually. fun to see they're still in the same awesome spot and getting some love.


loving haight

this house in the haight (in san francisco) blows my mind. i've spent a good chunk of my time living in that area and have never come across a place like this one. i wonder if they'll adopt me, or let me be nanny to their children...check out more pics here.

smarty pants

smarthistory is a dream site for history buffs, or people just looking to learn a thing or two. and holy toledo does it make history look good. i'm in love.

quick brown fox

hehehe. alphabets to swear by.

(thanks chris!)



Firekites - AUTUMN STORY - chalk animation from Lucinda Schreiber on Vimeo.

happy friday!
a little kokomoo for you.

leaf house

chicken or egg?

this little guy in a google chrome short totally just made my day. couldn't embed, so check out the greatness over here.

log cabins

when i was a little kid i wanted lincoln logs more then anything. whenever we went to store that had them, i declared my intent to own them, but was denied every time. i'll admit, i don't let go of things, and to this day have still wanted a set. the wooden ones of my youth seemed to have disappeared, but after a little digging i found them. and now they even have mini ones - perfect for my cubicle! think i just may have to order some.

check out reproductions of the original lincoln log brand
here. (kind of expensive, no?)


i am crazy for the design & illustration work over at juxtavision (aka mike mcquade).


hello lovely

i got a new bike! okay, not totally new - it's an 80's mixte, but it's new to me! isn't she wonderful?

art & industry

by the wonderful hans schleger


the ply laptop case by brian kelly.


instead of trekking out to the desert this year for some fun at burning man, i'm taking off to trek through cusco and on the inca trail to machu picchu! peru has been at the top of the list of places i want to see in the world for a very, very long time now and watching the sun rise over the inca ruins will finally be a reality this year. to say i'm excited would be the worlds largest understatement right now. i'm just beginning all my research, so if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions (especially for inca trail tours) let me know!

(image via

happy friday!
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