instead of trekking out to the desert this year for some fun at burning man, i'm taking off to trek through cusco and on the inca trail to machu picchu! peru has been at the top of the list of places i want to see in the world for a very, very long time now and watching the sun rise over the inca ruins will finally be a reality this year. to say i'm excited would be the worlds largest understatement right now. i'm just beginning all my research, so if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions (especially for inca trail tours) let me know!

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karen said...

Holy crap Nat. How do you always manage to pull together the BEST vacations? Can't wait to see all your pictures!!!

Whit =) said...

YAY! can you stuff me in your suitcase? please? is devin going with you or you flying solo for this one? exciting!

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