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hi all - sorry for the lack of posts, or rather, lackluster posts in the last week. work has been wildly busy with a new product launch, and in the midst of it, i jetted off to DC for world refugee day.

i can't sum up my experience there as anything other then phenomenal and absolutely rejuvenating. i've always liked to say that it's not that people don't care and thus is the reason that they don't volunteer to help people in the world, but rather that we're so disconnected, we sometimes forget what really happens outside of our own lives. and sometimes we need a little reminder about the opportunity before us to help others. as a long time activist, even i lost sight of so many great causes that need the world's attention, and well, world refugee day was my little nudge to get back to it.

i'm not going to preach to the choir about what we should all be doing as responsible citizens of the earth - we all know. but i will on occasion, as i have in the past, point out organizations that provide aide to refugees world wide. and for today i'm directing you all to USA for UNHCR, the wonderful folks who invited me to world refugee day and do tremendous work for UNHCR. on their site you can learn about refugee crisis around the globe and donate funds to help provide food and shelter to millions world wide.

and for those of you dying to know, yes, angelina jolie was at the event and her beauty is only magnified by her embodiment of true compassion. and that holds true for everyone at the event - truly wonderful, beautiful and compassionate people...


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