freya's cabin

how stunning is the freya cabin designed to look like a flower press...i want.

a little misunderstanding

haven't laughed this hard in awhile.
(via core77)

yum lego

juan and i LOVE baking and cookies rank the highest in our most baked goods. so naturally, when i saw this little gizmo to make lego cookies i just about died. a cookie that resembles my favorite toy? yes please!

wild sendak

happy friday!

dave goes to skane

hilarious ad campaign for the swedish tourism board

photo games

RAD photographs by patrick runte.

color my love

500 pencils = 25 colors x 20 months. yes please!


hehehe. the art of moneygami. awesome.

form vs function

magic cardboard ride

how amazing are these cardboard boxes printed with arabasque patterns on the inside to be used as cardboard rugs!?! very clever design by wendy plomp.

product experience

really loving the 'steps to creating an engaging product experience' via design sojourn.

maxim dalton

i am absolutely smitten with the illustration work of argentine maxim dalton. max's work is classic in style, yet absolutely refreshing. oh to be able to use him for an ad campaign out here!

the longest way

The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse from Christoph Rehage.
this video pretty much won over my wanderlust heart (and not just because he's a strikingly handsome fella).

tin type

uppercase magazine posted these vintage typewriter tins and i just about fell out of my chair. gimme.

glamor shot

polaroid end to end

i'm totally smitten with these polaroid land camera bookends by roberta grove. her whole shop of vintage goodies is seriously *swoon* worthy.
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