work it out

my jaw hit the floor when i saw this sports center in paris designed by koz architects. it's a workout wonderland! more pics & info here.

iphone woody

gimme. at $39, you should get one too.
bamboo ipod, nano & iphone cases - available here.


this ring, while rather impractical, is pretty much the cutest geeky ring i've ever seen.

arial vs helvetica

and here you thought they were the same.

viva el peru!

we're back! peru was fantastic. we're smitten with cusco, want to open schools in the mountains, and cannot believe we actually trekked the salkantay pass to machu picchu. (check out some of our pics here)

and now back to a regular blogging schedule!

dirty laundry

if i had the space and believed in spending this much for a hamper, i would swoop up the steele canvas basket in a heartbeat. get your own here.

texting mittens

i'm totally smitten with these texting mittens.


i am totally smitten with the work of gregory kenny. from storage to pet beds - he does it all just right.
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