container +

playing with text as a three-dimensional object. absolutely stunning work by the folks at container plus

(via mint & automatism)

love letters

a love letter for you - a collection of absolutely fantastic murals as part of a public art project by steve powers and the city of philadelphia mural arts program.

dunny. heavily modified.

i heart toys.
by juanFEDORA - full collection by he & i coming soon...

dwr:walking elephant

the best rocking chair ever - rocking from side to side gently moves this little elephant forward. if only it came in grown up size.

such great heights

there is something to be said for practical design. aside from being some of the cutest dog beds ever seen, molly mutt takes it up a notch - instead of a traditionally over priced bed begging to have the stuffing torn out and rendered useless, these beds are filled with your old gym pants, towels and socks, and covered in an assortment of seriously affordable duvets. pick up your own diy starter kit here.

grammar nerd.

despite always being a writer, i've never been much of a grammar police. probably because it would be an exhausting and a never ending endeavor. but i think this would be a good set of labels for everyone to keep in their cubicles, you know, for those days your brain gives out on you. get your own (when they're back in stock) here.

natural elements

loving this sterling & wood ring by marriage of metal.

all the pretty colors

these moleskin monthly planners are fantastic - one per month in awesome colors. yes please!


missing amsterdam these days...


i've been to the toast restaurant in noe valley, and well, i think it's fair to say the novato toast has it beat when it comes to architectural design. thinking i may need to take a little road trip to experience what it's like to eat toast in a building that looks like the innards of a loaf of bread. check out more pics here.

nice package

i'm a glutton for cute wrapping and is probably the real reason i give gifts to people year round. this winter essentials kit by nice package just might be my answer for holiday wrapping this season.

viking feast

couldn't help but chuckle at these viking plates.

pull along polly

valentine notebook

it's a well known fact that i LOVE typewriters. my vintage olympia is one of my prized possessions, but i have to admit, i'm pretty smitten with the valentine notebook based off the ever adored olivetti valentine (red case and all). 

(via at:unplggd)


the albie light is about the cutest damn lamp i've ever seen. made from recycled wood and used toy wheels, this little fella pulls at even my tiniest heart strings.

lorem ipsum brilliance

why flow standard lorem ipsum when you can use kafka, pangram, or cicero? absolutely in love with this dummy text generator.

HELLO! lovely!


i seriously hope this concept car becomes a reality because

check out more pics of the honda ev n electric concept car here.


how adorable is this happiness print from present and correct?

mister cok

happy friday!

shiny squirrel pop-up shop!

i am ever so jealous of all you who live in new york and can go to this on sunday the 18th - looks fab!


i've been looking to have an elephant head drawn up in si scott style for my next tattoo for awhile now, so naturally when i saw this image by hellovon i almost passed out. really beautiful piece and fantastic inspiration (great portfolio too!).

hot & steamy

nudie typography? yes please!

(see more here)

back to nature

the nature planter is some serious goodness for those of us who don't have heaps of gardening space. designed so plants of varying root lengths can make themselves at home, this is the perfect answer for an indoor garden. get your own here.

new (media) workout

i'm loving patrick's new (media) workout plan!

skinny ships

i am absolutely smitten with skinny ship's flickr stream of some seriously great illustration and typographic work. i seriously want half of these for posters in my house.

happy birthday gandhi

one of my favorite custom google logos in awhile.

round the world

this vintage weber globe just knocked me out of my seat. it is globe perfection. but be quick - there's only one in the hindsvik etsy shop!

multipurpose gourds

brilliant! convert speckled swan gourds into flower vases. get instructions here.
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