oh tenenbaum

finger puppets of all your favorite cult classic movie characters - including my wes anderson faves the royal tenenbaums! get yours here.

call to action


lindsey carr's paintings and digital works are ethereal goodness. each piece is better then the next, and giclee prints are available in lindsey's littlerobot shop on society6.


let the world know how you fumbled with these illustrated slings.

(via gizmodo)

wise guys

make your own set of little wise guys for under $3. download and start building here.


doing a little research on portland, or and would love to know your thoughts on your favorite spots, favorite neighborhoods, favorite anything in stump town. thanks!!!

tapped out

a great infographic on bottled water - see the whole chart here.

big shot

brilliant! bigshot is a camera kit for students, meant to be assembled in several stages, so students can get hands-on exposure to important science and engineering concepts. learn more here.

hiding hood

get your own here.

el vetica

wondering what to get the helvetica lover in your life this holiday season? el vetica, the typographic luchador on a fabulous tee just might be the answer. it's a pretty sweet deal at just $20 - order yours today here.

sliced bread

how fantastic is this loaf of a notebook, or should i say notebook slices. made to resemble slices of bread, the notebooks are numbered 1-12, and come wrapped in traditional loaf form. learn more here.
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