hidden behind picket fences

i hate seeing wires all along the walls - what a cute idea, and super simple DIY to keep them hidden away!

abstract thinking

sometimes the greatest lessons in life are taught to us at such an early age, we forget all about them. here are some lessons in abstract thinking in some seriously old school episodes of sesame street. aside from being brilliant, i especially love how visual thinking is like jazz. that so explains the music i always hear in my head...

haven't laughed this hard in awhile.

gotta have heart

people only had one volume and that volume was loud

a eulogy for the boombox - one of the best videos i've seen on npr in awhile. featuring fab 5 freddy and lyle owerko, this is 11 minutes of virtual information you don't want to miss. can't watch the video? then at least check out the accompanying article here.

buzz buzz

love love love anthropologie's earth day initiative to save the honey bees - a plight devin and i are crazy about. save the bees!

lake haus

i stayed at an awesome lake house in washington years and years ago, and i kinda wish i had stayed in this one instead. not that it wasn't great, but seriously, how amazing is this place? built by hutchison & maul architects, the lake house incorporates active living/family space with private guest spaces all while taking advantage of the stunning view. i don't know that i'm too fond of the interior decorating choices, but the structure itself it's lovely.

a million little pictures

the million little pictures project is one of the most fun ideas i've seen in awhile. register (and pay) to have a disposable camera sent to you, shoot & develop 24 shots, and be included in an exhibition of over 24,000 images. one exhibition will take place in atlanta, at the art house co-op, and the other will take place in the city with the most participants. *ahem* sf folks - get on it! learn more and sign up for your camera here.

up in the clouds

this cloud shelf would make my day every day.


which came first, ria brodell or the twitter fail whale? ria's 'The Whale and His Friend the Submarine Take Flight' was created in 2006 and seems to be part of a larger series about the whale. there's a whole site devoted to the twitter fail whale, but no mention of ria's original piece. interesting...

seeking simplicity

laura sent me this little tidbit (originally from here) and it spoke volumes to a place i myself, and many of my closest friends currently find ourselves. i like to call these years of our lives 'the age of discovery' as we transition from what we sought and accomplished, to the great question of 'what's next?' while the original context of the quote was in relation to finances, this small portion applies more to the discovery, the transitory period of understanding.

"We tried numerous jobs until we found jobs that allowed us work in a way that meshed with our values and goals. (I thought at one time that I wanted to be a super career girl. What a laugh that turned out to be. Suits, heels, office politics, and corporate culture made me ill. I’m a jeans and outdoors kind of girl who doesn’t believe in office politics. Needless to say, I didn’t fit and I had to try, try again until I found a job that allowed me to be who I am.) We experimented with everything from the food we ate to what we wore and where we lived. We tried so many different ideas and approaches, I think we even confused our families as to who we were and what we were trying to become.

It didn’t all come together for several years. Had we given up (and believe me, it was tempting) we’d still be living hectic, crazy lives working at jobs that left us empty with only reckless spending to make us feel better. Thank heavens we kept at it. Now we are both very happy in our work, we’ve found the perfect approach to frugality for us, and our lives are much simpler and happier. We work and spend in accordance with our values and goals and that has made all the difference.

The great thing about life is that we get almost unlimited do overs. The only time you can’t try something again is when you’re dead. As long as you’re alive, you can reinvent yourself and correct your past mistakes.

how have you made amends, with yourself and those around you, for choosing a different path then you set out on? how do you appreciate the failures as much as the accomplishments, and try new things until you find what is genuinely right for you? how did you, or do you, motivate to make change in your life? how are you the change you want to see in the world?

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"yay for lazy!"

i've had a lot of requests to post full feeds into rss so y'all can see the images and read everything without having to click through to the site. so in my support of non-click readers, here's the feed url to add to whichever rss you use: http://www.altruisminthemorning.com/feeds/posts/default. full feeds, with images - could it get any better? um yes. the site is undergoing a massive overhaul in the coming months, so i'll be sure to post about it on the day you REALLY should click through. =)

(image via the ever talented andrew.le)

modern series

yet another set of skateboards i'd like mounted on my wall. by tony larson for girl, i think these bad boys, err girls, would get me to try out skating again!

graphic design hero t's

i am so in love with the graphic design hero's series of t-shirts. i want them almost all of them...get your own here.

dwelling on objectified

i'm amped about dwell's conversation objectified in america... - a panel with objectified (& helvetica) filmmaker gary huswitt. seriously great panel in a great space covering a great topic. get your own tickets here!


get your portrait drawn by the wonderful michel gondry for only $20 - fantastic! oh, and check out his new site too!

terrain at styers

has anyone been to terrain at styers, the garden center and greenhouse cafe brought by the folks who run anthropologie and urban? there's only one i can find (in PA) and i'm dying to know if it's as wonderful as their site makes it seem. hope they bring one to san francisco!
hilarious (and so painfully true)
(via swissmiss)


dwell's innovate it design challenge is in full swing, and if i had an ounce of extra time i would undoubtedly be trying to find solutions for hangers, ironing boards and coffee mugs. but since i don't have any time hidden anywhere, perhaps you can enter and take me with you to dwell on design when you win. get all the details here and don't forget to submit before june 10th.


a fantastic idea and fantastic site - check it out here.
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