hello model kitty

joseph senior created these insanely amazing hello kitty models. i seriously want 95% of these in my possesion, only catch is, they're only illustrations. pretty crazy, right? check out his whole flickr collection of hello kitty goodness here.

one chair at a time

it's a well known fact that i am obsessed with chairs, especially those of the mid-century variety. so, it should be of no surprise that i LOVE this 2011 chair calendar by story by mia. oh lordy. gimme.

care package

have parents who are always asking you for tech support? whether it's managing their email, setting up wireless printers, using "the facebook" - the list goes on and on. lucky for you, there's now teach parents tech, a nifty little site designed by the fun folks at google to help make your tech lessons, and your holiday breaks at home, a little more fun. too cute.


ona camera bags are seriously the best looking things i've seen all year. i'm not particularly keen on their women's line, but the men's line is jaw dropping. multi-functional camera bags are a dream, especially when they just look like an extraordinarily good satchel. their roma carrying case is also great for the ladies who want to protect their camera gear in any purse they already own. check out the whole collection by ona here.

a sweet gatsby time

how fantastic is this great gatsby business card print by the heads of state? oh, you know, because their other work wasn't charming enough. get your own swanky letterpress goodness here.

petite collage

these two prints on wood are adorable, and a must have for anyone in love with either of these charming cities. i, of course, would love the san francisco print, a little reminder of our wonderful years in the bay...

darling clementine

we don't have many decorative pillows in our house, but i could think of a spot for each one of these. add them to your family, just in time for the holidays!

best made for your best man

i am always torn during the holidays on getting things the mr. wants, and getting him things i want him to have. case in point, the archival clothing rucksack by best made company. it's manliness at its finest, and absolutely irresistible if you ask me. pick up your own modern interpretation of the canoe pack for your favorite man here.

keeping it golden

pixar story artist, josh cooley, has been creating illustrations of famous movie scenes in the same style as little golden books, and they are absolute perfection. looking for the ultimate holiday gift for a movie buff? pick up a print or the whole book of illustrations at cooley's big cartel shop, here.

something in the air

richard wilkinson's process gif illustrations are absolutely stunning. capturing his work flow in photoshop, then creating an animated gif, wilkinson has created a stunning work of animating art. i could watch these all day...

(thanks notcot)

the bends

peskimo's the bends print is too adorable to not gift to someone this holiday season. order yours today here.

minimalist superheros

(thanks joi!)

art on globes

i have a serious globe addiction and could likely fill an entire house with them. sometimes, i'm more obsessed with the stand, than the globe itself, and this would be the perfect solution to fix up some ugly maps. for those of you not in the diy spirit, you can buy custom art globes that are absolutely stunning. i'm smitten with them all. order yours today here.

calling collect

if you're anything like me, the second you put down your phone, it's lost. at least that's what always happens in my house. one second it's there, the next it's hiding under 2 loads of laundry and has missed 15 calls, 4 texts, and had some face time with my unmentionables.

welcome, i can't find my phone, the greatest internet invention for when no one else is around to call your phone while you scurry about listening for a muffled ring tone. i love this idea - now i just have to keep track of where i left my laptop...


this ligature, loop, and stem poster is phenomenal. i'm loving every attention to detail, and totally wishing i had this as a cheat sheet in my typography class back in my days at university. get your own here.

the thursday hunter

this week's mid-century finds are all from the bay area, and all pretty incredible. jump on them quick, before someone else snatches them!

1. vintage eames rocker
2. mid-century couch
3. danish teak desk
4. mid-century globe
5. mid-century dresser with mirror

the laptop lounge chair

pretty brilliant right? we have a couple end tables in this same style - i wonder if we could convert them!? learn more here.

speaking of foxes...

...i can't but help wanting this fantastic letterpress calendar by sycamore street press. they're whole shop is pretty drool worthy (& affordable too!) and their blog is one of my favorite inspiration spots.


i'm smitten with blabla's knit toys. the little fox rocks my world. must.have.him. check out all the cuteness (plus baby clothes and more) here.

the living room

our new house has two living rooms - a more formal one upstairs, and a more casual one downstairs. finding furniture for either, especially a good couch, has been a trying experience. there are so many things we like, but are either too big, too small, too expensive, or too cheap. needless to say, they are both pretty barren till the furniture we ordered arrives.

one way to keep track of what we like was via pinterest - our living room pinboard is our own little digital look book and inspiration board for what we wanted in our living space. here are a few of our favorites we found along the way:

1. mid-century rocker, 2. & 3. flor tile sets, 4. cb2 draper slate sofa, 5. cb2 parlour sofa, 6. urban outfitters charcoal sofa.

the great andes

the last few weeks have been filled with a lot of excitement. we moved from vibrant san francisco to gorgeous salt lake city, got a new adorable pup named andes, started new jobs, and are decorating a house that's way bigger than anywhere we ever lived in the city. it's been busy to say the least, and we're doing all we can to keep our heads on straight while we get settled.

we've been working on the house non-stop and are slowly nearing a point where we can start sharing before and after pictures. it's pretty exciting, and utterly exhausting, but will be well worth the effort. stay tuned for more updates and photos as this house becomes our home.

paris vs new york

adorable illustrations chronicling the differences between paris and nyc. check out the collection as it grows here.

sproket rocket

the newest in the lomo family - the super wide pano sproket rocket! i'm thinking this will on my christmas wish list AND on my christmas gift list! learn more about this 35mm gem here.

welcome to the end. of the page that is.

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