10 second rule

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stroke of insight

jill bolte taylor, a brain researcher, watched as her ability to process speech, awareness, and motion stopped one by one during a stroke. a fascinating speech about the shift of awareness in her brain from her left to right hemisphere. i can't help but wonder if those who have found enlightenment, or at least peace within, have abandoned their left hemispheres for the perspective of the right...

empty bottles broken hearts

meghan paterson's portraits on glass bottles are super rad. check out her portfolio of work here!

we all live in a yellow submarine

who wouldn't love their tea to be brewed in a yellow submarine?

300&65 ampersands

what could be more simple and beautiful then an ampersand? not much if you ask me (i even have a tattoo of one i love them so much), so naturally this site won me over in a heartbeat. 300&65 ampersands is just that - an ampersand a day. and there sure are some lovely ones!

what type are you?

pentagram has a great personality test to tell you what your type is. answer 4 simple questions and your answer will be revealed. (i was dot matrix...) take the test here (password: character).

living off craigslist

we all know the spiel. study communications, apply for jobs. get no where. unless you're jason paul. after countless declined applications, jason decided to hit the road, relying strictly on craigslist to find places to live, meals to eat, and jobs to work. follow his adventures here.

under the milky way


harvard postdoctoral fellow samuel arbesman created a subway map of the galaxy, based on the london tube line. it makes space seem so tiny and accessible, right?

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container city

some serious up-cycling of shipping containers has been going on in recent months, and this cluster in mexico city is probably my favorite to date. the eco-friendly container city has homes, stores, and restaurants - plus open communal areas. talk about a fresh approach to community design.

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super stylish berlin map by cristóbal schmal.


banksy made a guest appearance at sundance. so fresh & so clean.

creative process


many of us know this situation all too well. a stellar idea, axed by budget, crazy clients, rigid legal, and crazy brand guidelines. scott c illustrated all these wonderful woes for his client show off, and i can't help but wonder how many of his ideas met a grim fate in the process...

sugar sweet

porcelain sugar cones by virginia sin. deliciously cute.


greek artist alexandros vasmoulakis seriously knows how to make a building look good. his large scale paintings are vibrant wonders. (his installation pieces are pretty rad too.) check out his portfolio of work here.

mary & max

i saw this short film during my flight to cambodia and fell absolutely in love. based on a true story of the rather sad mary, and her distant pen pal max - this is undoubtedly one story you'll never forget. see the trailer below, and check out show times and more here.

Mary & Max from Wheelhouse Creative on Vimeo.


these web services book covers and sociology of objects illustrations are fantastic. see more here.

claudia schulz

it's hard to come across really, and i mean REALLY great hats, but claudia schulz seems to have her niche nailed. perfectly refined, feminine, and playful. get your own here.



we're in the concepting phase for some ads at work, and i'm constantly nostalgic for hand drawn storyboards. this notebook is the perfect way to keep all your concepts in one place, or download their free storyboard template. all available here.

transmission interrupted

the perfect puzzle for a rainy day like today.

cut & paste

i'm a glutton for collage work and could seriously feast on all the work of mario wagner. yum.

hello moonshine.

these plaster casts of "moonshine" bottles with handwritten tags are pretty adorable. the perfect mix of modern vintage. available at small stump.
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