green is good

good has some of my favorite infographics, and this one is no exception. check out their look what countries generating the most electricity from renewable sources—and which ones they are using.

freshly cut grass

totally smitten with green markers - little post-it blades of grass. i'd be tempted to add them to books that don't even need them. if you know japanese, get your own set here.

breaking down

i've seen it happen so many times before, but never have i seen it look so beautiful. an interesting discussion on the cms breakdown by trent walton.

haƤfe & haph

10 luxurious ampersands for $9.99. sign me up! oh, and get yours too, right over here.

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b is for bourbon

because playing with type never gets old. abc paper cups come in 14 colorful variations with endless uses...i see new drinking games in your future!

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the evolution of crayola

oh crayola. from a simple 8 basic colors, to 120 hues of glory, you've seen and done it all. check out the crayola chromonology - a look back at the history of crayola colors!

(thanks bowen!)

measuring type


matt robinson & tom wrigglesworth teamed up to create the measuring type project - a study in how much ink different typefaces require at the same point size. how economical is your favorite typeface? learn more here.

ceson pelizer


brazilian designer ceson creates work that looks like it could live framed on your walls, or painted on the outside of your building. (or in my case, as my desktop background for the week.) his motion work is crazy fun in its simplicity. check it out here.

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unofficial business


most of you know jessica hische from her glorious daily drop cap series, but she has a whole store filled with goodies for designers and design junkies alike. her day-ruining just made my day - a perfect summary of what life in advertising is like.  at only $25, how could you say no? get your own and check out the rest of her shop here.

recovering lazyholic


every so often you come across a site and want to devour every last morsel of data it contains. case in point, recovering lazyholic, the portfolio and blog of austin based photographer, erin hanson. aside from the fact that pantone's turquoise is a favorite color to us both, erin has a clever eye for composition. one i like rather much. indulge yourself here.



magnetic polaroid frames. slide your pictures in and slap them on to any metal surface. yes please!

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the pop+shorty online shop is filled with all sorts of curious goodies, but i'm partial to the print guide for designers. it includes a list of keyboard shortcuts, standard paper and card sizes, and unit conversions - all the little things i try to remember, but never seem to. brilliant+cute.

oh so vain

how could you not be smitten with vanity barcodes? while not a totally new idea, it's still great to see what people are coming up with. vanity barcodes takes those straight lines from ordinary to extraordinary - i can only imagine the glee i'll feel when i start seeing these on packaging.

floppy art

nick gentry has a lot of great paintings, but i can't quite get over these pieces done on old floppy disks. i can't even recall the last time i saw an actual floppy, but there is something endearing about seeing them repurposed for art.

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there is a beautiful and ethereal tone to the photography of alison tyne, and i can't help but look at image after image. order prints of her work here.

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totally smitten with this rough cut of video by ryan jay & alexander. can't wait to see the full length - check it out after the jump!

from the pocket

jeremy edwards really knows how to make his iphone look good. his stunning photos are all taken on his iphone(s), and processed using iphone photo apps. he is, perhaps, the best iphoneographer i've seen to date. and i have to admit, i'm seriously dying to know what photo app makes those ethereal horizontal polaroids. anyone know? check out all his stellar shots here.

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these are things

things that i want. this modern map is a must have for anyone with a tinge of wanderlust. get your own while they last here.

is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?

it's been a VERY long time since i've run into someone lifting content or design direct from my blog. it seems as though "blogging etiquette" has reached a semi-mature state where people attribute, link back to, or somehow acknowledge that not all the content they display is of their own finding. granted, most of us don't do it for every little thing we see and re-blog, but by and large, as a member of this community, we all do our best to give credit where credit is due.

so what do you do when you find someone has lifted content direct from your blog? headline, images, copy and all? your post, your efforts, living elsewhere with no attribution to the work you've done. suddenly the sense of sharing, innovating, and inspiring is lost to a sense of creative theft. a thief in a community where there are no locks on the doors, just a common sense of decency among the masses.

yes, perhaps imitation is the sincerest from of flattery. but aren't imitating and copying two different things? how do you deal with someone copying your content - not just items you've found, but what you've written, images you've edited, etc, and passing it on as their own?
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