28 camera drawings

one word: AWESOME. graphite & colored pencil goodness by christine berrie. get one while they last here.

art affair

william powhida sure knows a thing or two when it comes to explaining things, like why we should buy art. totally digging this print, and at only $50, i have a feeling we'll all be buying a little piece of art shortly. order yours here.

the games we play

james deavin takes some extraordinary photos of rather ordinary things. while his portfolio encompasses a rather large range of subject matter, i'm most taken by his series titled "the games we play." see the whole collection here.

into the fold

i first wrote about david foldvari about a year ago, and am still as smitten with his work today as i was back then. his portfolio is spectacular - take a look for yourself.


naturally someone took the time and effort to sort through ALL those apps for the iphone and let us know which are the best and most beautiful. use caution - you can get sucked into app.itize for what feels like an eternity, and those .99 cent apps can add up quick! learn more here.

dry erase

i'm a glutton for calendars - especially big ones that can help me manage all aspects of each little thing i'm working on. simple shapes has this great vinyl wall calendar that you can write on over & over again. it's a pretty brilliant idea if you ask me…check it out here.

designer personality

michael roller of strategic aesthetics recently had readers complete the myers-briggs test and submit their results. below are the results from 64 designers who recorded their profiles. is there a personality type for designers? which do you fall into? take the test.


up-cycled canvas totes to die for by forest bound. must.have.one.now. you can too - check out the shop here.


beverly hsu designed these AWESOME helvetica cookie cutters - two of my favorite things together as one!


upon a fold is selling these crazy cute wishboats by dutch artist jurianne matter. simply name your boat, write your wish, and fold - absolutely fantastic. get your own set here.

delicious letterpress

typeset your next batch of cookies with this awesome cookie cutter. the possibilities are endless! get your own from williams sonoma.


nick dewar has been at the top of my list of illustrators for some time now, and i was actually rather sad to hear that he had passed just recently. in case i haven't posted any of nick's work before, here's a quick peek at some of my favorites. check out the rest here.

skate & destroy

the harvest by haroshi exhibit is a stellar blend of street and sculpture, utilizing broken decks and discarded skateboards. talk about some serious upcycling. check out more images at the harvest site here.

the state of the internet

i love information that's presented in a way that makes it absolutely delicious. on a recent fact hunt for work, i came across this animation by jesse thomas based on stats from aiga baltimore. aside from having some pretty interesting data about the internet, it's a visual delight.

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

top rope

being a fairly big fan of climbing, it's no surprise that i'm pretty much in love with this couch made out of climbing rope. designed by oscar andersson for the Beckmans College of Design / Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010, this is a serious must have for any climbers out there. climb on!
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