i like to draw. i am awesome.

(it's true.) this drawing pad and duo of rad pencils tops the charts in awesomeness. the handbound notepad offers inspirational ideas to keep you drawing every day. order one to unleash your creative genius at the small object.

the fantastic paper fox

japanese paper balloons. only the coolest thing i've seen in the last week. that little inflatable paper fox is beckoning me...hear it howling for you too? get your own here.

scope of work

best.product.description.ever: "have you ever wished you could speak like a suit? corporate flashcards will get you multisyllabizing like a results-driven tycoon in mere days. study alone or with a team player, then embrace your golden handcuffs as you blamestorm your way up the ladder!" if that wasn't enough to sell you, they're on sale! add value to your team and buy a set today!

swell weekender

is it possible to borrow someone's baby so i have an excuse to buy this dwellstudio weekender baby bag? need one for yourself and your little tot? get it at velocity.

wall flower

bringing a whole new meaning to floral wallpaper. this diy trick to make paper flowers out of butcher paper to mount on your walls is the perfect way to make your interior feel a little more like anthropologie without dropping the big bucks. get instructions and a bunch of other inspirational ideas at ruche.


i absolutely hate when people throw their cigarette butts onto the ground as if the world is their giant ashtray, but i don't think i could possibly mind it at all if they were all smoking greenbutts - biodegradable cigarette filters that sprout flowers! made from organic cotton & de-gummed hemp, these filters are chemical and additive free, plus they grow flowers or grass when placed in soil. awesome!

(via inhabitat)

webster wilson

i regularly debate moving to portland - it's got a little bit of everything, at a fraction of the cost of san francisco prices. of course when i see houses like this, it makes it all the harder to stay put - who wouldn't want to live in a home as beautiful as this is crisp portland?

(via digsdigs)


the pil pendant lamp by tim wigmore is rather lovely, don't you think? each is made from hand turned logs from new zealand, artisan blown glass, and LEDs. learn more here.


everyone loves a well designed snellen eye chart, but make the whole thing comprised of ampersands, and i'm in love. the ampersand id chart is pretty much the raddest print ever, and at a limited edition run on 110, it's basically an immediate must have!

slippery slopes

yes indeed.


that picture up there? that would be my darlin dog, photographed by none other than my younger brother, alexander (a.k.a. photographer extraordinaire). while his repatoire consists primarily of portraits (especially awesome ones of bands), i am at times lucky enough to have him photograph my menagerie of animals. see his whole portfolio of work (and drop him a line to have your photo taken!) on his site here.

easy does it

totally smitten with this tote bag by bart aalbers on envelop. get your own (and a ton of other cute & affordable totes) here.
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