living in colour

for those of you who simply can't get enough pantone in your life, check out the pantone hotel. located in brussels, this colorful little gem seems like a bit of dream. book your reservation now.

anna faye gillespie

seriously smitten with anna faye gillespie's pencil drawings. check out a few here, and if any of you know where more of anna's work is, let us know in the comments!

soul bird

these handcrafted wooden soul birds by sanna annukka are awesome. annukka describes the story behind the birds as, "in karelia there was an ancient belief in the sielulintu or soul bird. the sielulintu was thought to deliver the soul to newborn babies and also to transport the soul to the afterlife at the moment of death. it was believed the sielulintu protected a persons soul at it's most vulnerable; when dreaming, and it was tradition to keep a carved wooden bird by the bedside to keep the soul safe during sleep."

the superstitous part of me totally wants one to keep by my bed.

an encounter with greatness

aside from the fact that world cup kicks off in just a few weeks, and the noticeably amazing soccer players in the shot above, this little microsite is perhaps the best site in regards to user engagement i've seen this year. featuring video of pele, zidane, and maradona, the louis vuitton site is impeccably executed to match the ad campaign shot by none other than annie liebovitz. start interacting now.

bowling club

totally smitten with the photography of jonathan may.

(via whitezine)

startup quote

cute and simple site of well, what else, quotes from folks who started companies we love. see them all here.


i blogged about erinzam's japanese binding kits last week, and loved them so much, i went hunting for more goodness. introducing the perpetual tag calendar. each tag is hand screen-printed, with a different design for each month. totally awesome, and completely affordable - plus it's good for multiple years! get yours today here.

voltron star shooter

devin found this and i haven't been able to stop laughing. check out the voltron star shooter: a working 110 camera that transforms into voltron. awesome.

(flickr image via john kratz)

sweet city honey

lena goldsteiner is brilliant. why? because she designed d.i.y. honey - a beehive for your balcony or backyard. now, even city dwellers can keep little bees a'buzzing. or well, once it goes into production they can. check it out here.

a little nudge

fantastic motivational note cards by sarah abbott. get a set in her etsy shop here

analog book binding

print-on-demand books? lame. instead of dishing out cash for plain jane books, shell out $18 and get yourself your own japanese binding kit. included are all of the supplies to bind one 3" x 4" book plus complete instructions for four different japanese stab bindings. get yours today here.

absolutely nonsensical infographics

say it how it is

gashole. part of an anti-SUV guerilla campaign by topos graphics and sarah riegelmann. get your own at supermarket.

hello solomon


seriously, the solomon font is stunning. i want it. i don't think it could be any more perfect. you should get it too - right over here.

cupcake cannon

this seriously made my day.

dream ball

the folks at unplug design have created the dream ball project - recycling relief boxes to create sports balls. by creating patterns on the surface of various sized relief boxes, children in third world countries receiving aide will not only get much needed supplies to survive, but will also be able to make soccer balls, baseballs, and more.

to learn more about the dream ball project, visit unplug design.

(via trek4change)
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