pinning it forward

pinterest recently launched what is perhaps my favorite web bookmarklet, where you can "pin" great images you find from across the web, keep them organized via inspiration "boards," and share them with users within the pinterest community. it's a simple process and a quick way to aggregate all the things you find while browsing the web - like a visual bookmark of all your favorite finds. 

victoria (aka sfgirlbybay) teamed up with the folks at pinterest to launch the pin it forward campaign, which held an open roll call for bloggers to post around the theme of "what homes means to me." everyone created their own pin boards and the blogging commenced

so today is my day. i've had a month to mull this over. i've been making pin boards left and right. i've been scrutinizing every little aspect of my home to determine what makes it feel like home. i've written this post a half dozen times. and then it dawned on me, it's not that home i live in, or the things i put in it that translates to "home" for me. i move and redecorate so often there is no way any of it could represent anything but my unquenchable thirst for things to always be changing around me. 

so i started over. what was that feeling of "home?" 

home for me is my pup elliott. yes, my dog. 

she grounds me. she makes me laugh till it hurts. she taught me responsibility. and patience. and empathy. when i travel, i don't miss my home, or my things, or the city i live in. i miss her. and with such longing...there's that old cliche saying that home is where the heart is, and strangely it's true. she is my heart, my love, my home. 

so here is my home, over the years, in all her glory...

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thursday hunter

i spend a slightly obscene amount of time scouring craigslist for mid-century finds, which i never actually buy, but lust after with such longing you'd think i was a little off my rocker. seeing as we all feel a little more normal when people partake in our guilty pleasures, i figured i'd try to make a habit of sharing these treasures with you every thursday, in what i've oh so cleverly named, the thursday hunter.

for any of you quick foxes that snatch these up, let us know so we can see how you've incorporated a piece into your home!

commence drooling now:

in bloom


i'm a glutton for plants in the house, regardless if they are planted or freshly cut. subsequently, i happen to have an obsession with vases and pots to house them all in, and urban outfitters is kind of killing me with their super rad collection of vases available in their online shop right now. that hanging flower vase is fanfreakingtastic, right?

hello, lovely

the boy and i were checking out mid-century homes in his hometown of salt lake last night when we stumbled upon this gem. i mean seriously. it's our dream home. and then some. i was ready to book a flight and put down a down payment on this beauty the second i saw it. *swoon*

oh, and in case you were wondering what this lovely looked like in prior years, check out the before pics here.

dude & chick

i'm kind of in love with dude and chick's etsy shop of letterpress greeting cards. check them all out here.

here birdie birdie

apparently i'm on a bird house kick this week, but how could one not post about these awesome birdhouse necklaces by tom frencken? oh how i love that little orange one...

drift wood

i'm a glutton for gorgeous bathrooms, and on days when i lose myself to daydreams of my perfect home, my favorite room to pretend i have is a tranquil and inviting bathroom. there are so few spaces where we're allowed privacy and a moment to relax and unwind, so why not make the most of those spaces when we can?

matteo thun has designed what may be the best bathtub i've seen this year, along with some stunning sinks and more. there is always something so inviting about stone and wood spaces. the snow covered mountains in the background don't hurt either. i'm ready to sink in just looking at this...

(via trendir)

timing the mix

one of my favorite parts of making mix tapes back in the day was mastering the art of the perfect timing between songs. that crucial moment of hitting record at just.the.right.second. this watch totally takes me back to those moments and is pretty damn fresh too. get your own here.

(thanks alex!)

short & stout

the rocking teapot is an exploratory in intuition and function, and makes pouring tea as simple as can be. really rather lovely, don't you think?

(via notcot)

puffins, and condors, & night owls. oh my!

we recently popped into the curiosity shoppe and just about lost it when we saw these bird houses by local artists luke bartels and jeff canham. these "avian establishments for the urban bird" are about the damn funniest things i've seen in a long time, and each is so meticulously crafted you can't help but want to snatch up the whole collection. if you're in the city, be sure to stop by the shoppe to check them out - otherwise visit their site here.


i've been a huge fan of cassia beck's photography for awhile now, but when i stumbled upon her collage work i just about squealed in delight. her color pallettes were always drew me to her photographs, and she's perfected them in her basic collage pieces. if only i had more walls...

check out the violet may etsy shop to stock up on your own collage prints here.

in the clouds

it's a well known fact that i'm a glutton for jewelry made of laser cut wood, but are these necklaces by vectorcloud amazing. okay, i know, not the most detailed, elaborate pieces you've ever seen, BUT, who could say no to a little wood polaroid camera or crazy cute handcuffs? check out the shop and get ordering before they're all swooped up!

land of ampersand

most people know of katie daisy's shop, the wheatfield, from her lovely prints of sweet quotes and colorful patterns, but i'm most smitten with her land of ampersand 8x10 print. get yours here.

golden gate

happy monday!

postcards from penguin

one hundred penguin book covers in one box. absolutely awesome for a collection on your wall or to send out to friends. available october 26 - but you can pre-order it for a bargain on amazon here.

paper, please.

i want.

papr - leather bag by kimkim artifacts.
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