hello, lovely

the boy and i were checking out mid-century homes in his hometown of salt lake last night when we stumbled upon this gem. i mean seriously. it's our dream home. and then some. i was ready to book a flight and put down a down payment on this beauty the second i saw it. *swoon*

oh, and in case you were wondering what this lovely looked like in prior years, check out the before pics here.


Katy said...

UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE. That house is gorgeous. I almost have a hard time believing it's in Utah!

Audra said...

I live in SLC and remember this house being redone. They did a really beautiful job with it - I didn't even realize it was for sale! That's one open house I think I'll stop for.

Sarah Jane said...

definitely swoon...i see why you would fall in love with this space. it's beautiful. before pics are amazing, it really takes a vision to transform a home sometimes!!

Brigitte said...

Just came over from your guest post on SFGirlByBay. Loved it. Love your blog.

Leigha said...

Just found you through Black Eiffel. Simply lovely!


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