pinning it forward

pinterest recently launched what is perhaps my favorite web bookmarklet, where you can "pin" great images you find from across the web, keep them organized via inspiration "boards," and share them with users within the pinterest community. it's a simple process and a quick way to aggregate all the things you find while browsing the web - like a visual bookmark of all your favorite finds. 

victoria (aka sfgirlbybay) teamed up with the folks at pinterest to launch the pin it forward campaign, which held an open roll call for bloggers to post around the theme of "what homes means to me." everyone created their own pin boards and the blogging commenced

so today is my day. i've had a month to mull this over. i've been making pin boards left and right. i've been scrutinizing every little aspect of my home to determine what makes it feel like home. i've written this post a half dozen times. and then it dawned on me, it's not that home i live in, or the things i put in it that translates to "home" for me. i move and redecorate so often there is no way any of it could represent anything but my unquenchable thirst for things to always be changing around me. 

so i started over. what was that feeling of "home?" 

home for me is my pup elliott. yes, my dog. 

she grounds me. she makes me laugh till it hurts. she taught me responsibility. and patience. and empathy. when i travel, i don't miss my home, or my things, or the city i live in. i miss her. and with such longing...there's that old cliche saying that home is where the heart is, and strangely it's true. she is my heart, my love, my home. 

so here is my home, over the years, in all her glory...

keep up with pin it forward by following tomorrow's post on the short & sweet of it!


Susan said...

Love sweet. I agree completely!

Michelle Hodges said...

This was fantastic! And what are material things anyways but possesions. Ellie is a doll! Love her! And her soul will be with you forever.
Love Tia

Melissa said...

This is too sweet. It's true, what is greater than our furry companions!

welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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