thursday hunter

i spend a slightly obscene amount of time scouring craigslist for mid-century finds, which i never actually buy, but lust after with such longing you'd think i was a little off my rocker. seeing as we all feel a little more normal when people partake in our guilty pleasures, i figured i'd try to make a habit of sharing these treasures with you every thursday, in what i've oh so cleverly named, the thursday hunter.

for any of you quick foxes that snatch these up, let us know so we can see how you've incorporated a piece into your home!

commence drooling now:


Karen said...

SHUT UP. I cannot believe that dressing table is less than 300 bucks. I wonder how much renting a pick-up truck to drive to Austin costs!

Eric said...

These are really all beautiful pieces. Mind posting some from LA next week?

Meaghan said...

I do the same thing... Craigslist is a total time suck for me

Elizabeth Benfield said...

LOVE this rocking chair!!!

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