chaise edmond

french shop edmond has some ridiculously cute chairs for kids and adults alike. i could totally lose myself browsing their online shop, daydreaming of cute parisian apartments, filled to the brim with cute chairs like these.

cast iron

this vintage low cast iron bookshelf is to die for. the price may kill your savings account, but is this gorgeous. and the table it's photographed on - it's got me drooling. check it out here.

hello, roy.

i'm sure many of you have already heard that starbucks is trying to take its stores back to the old local coffeehouse feel, and have already opened a few test stores in seattle. it's an interesting take, and i could certainly see how people would feel more compelled to spend hours here, versus in the current churn & burn environment they have world wide.

these images are of the 2nd new starbucks stores, roy street coffee and tea. based in capitol hill, it offers locally baked goods, wine, and even regional beer. the idea behind the salvaged material look is to create a space for film screenings, live performances, and student art exhibitions.

what do you think? would you frequent starbucks more if it looked like this?

fresh palette

this week's fresh palette is inspired by dottie angel's (aka tif fussell) winterizing photo. i can't help but smile when i see this picture, and while summer has finally arrived in san francisco, it makes me a little excited for bundling up this winter. check out tif's fantastic blog here, or follow her on twitter. you won't regret it.

hello, hermann.

i love houses with big glass windows, lots of natural light, and the great outdoors mixed in. the glass pavilion takes it to the next level though with 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a wine room, and art gallery that features a stellar vintage car collection. and it all belongs to the architect who designed it, steve hermann. absolutely stunning. see the rest of the pics here.

it's all about the craftsmanship

phloem studio, based in portland, creates custom timeless pieces for residential and commercial spaces. i'm absolutely smitten with their work and dying to have something made. i just have to figure out what. and for where. check out their portfolio here.

fresh palette

this week's fresh palette inspiration comes from somethings hiding in here. you may recognize them from the fantastic forage bow tie exhibition at the curiosity shoppe, or from their awesome etsy shop.

what do you keep in your bag?

chalk it up

how awesome are these little chalkboard piggy banks? devin and i are saving up for so many different things, i feel like these little guys would be all over the house. travels, a car, season ski passes, furniture, the list goes on and on. designed by ladies & gentlemen, the chalk-it-to-me piggy bank is pretty much the cutest way to save money on the planet. get your own here.

(via sub-studio)

studio work stool

i'm in love. smitten. lustful...

this studio work stool by makr carry goods is to die for. made with white walnut and steel, it's a modern take on an industrial classic. get yours while they're still available here.

the birds and the bees

i can think of a certain someone (hi marty!) who needs these prints for their house. i have to admit, i really kind of want them too. maybe we should all buy them and gift them to one another! order yours and other great prints by bandito design co here.

ghee happy

the little book of hindu deities is too cute. illustrated by pixar animator and illustrator, sanjay patel, the book is full of illustrated charm and stories behind the various deities of hinduism. check out this book and the rest of sanjay's work here.

eames hack

apparently i have been living under a rock. have any of you heard of eames hack? comprised of a group of designers from the department of industrial design at the university of the arts, philadelphia - eames hack designs are about "breaking the status surrounding high design objects." the eames hack high chair is so awesome, and i can think of so many friends who would totally buy it for their little ones.

if you happen to be in san francisco this summer, you can see the eames hack high chair in person at the yerba buena center for the arts through oct 3rd.

gingko love

i previously wrote about the blade of grass post-it notes awhile back, but these gingko leaf post-it's take the cake. i want these all over my desk, notebooks, door - anywhere really. created by korean designer sangwoo nam for appree.

how to be alone

i'm absolutely smitten with this video, adapted from the poem "how to be alone" by tanya davis. i'm a big fan of alone time - solo vacations, dinner reservations for one, and quiet walks through museums. there's something really rejuvenating about being with yourself, your thoughts, your fears, your dreams. what do you prefer to do alone?

fresh palette

photo by Jan Skácelík (how AMAZING is jan's living room!)
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