hello, roy.

i'm sure many of you have already heard that starbucks is trying to take its stores back to the old local coffeehouse feel, and have already opened a few test stores in seattle. it's an interesting take, and i could certainly see how people would feel more compelled to spend hours here, versus in the current churn & burn environment they have world wide.

these images are of the 2nd new starbucks stores, roy street coffee and tea. based in capitol hill, it offers locally baked goods, wine, and even regional beer. the idea behind the salvaged material look is to create a space for film screenings, live performances, and student art exhibitions.

what do you think? would you frequent starbucks more if it looked like this?


Signe said...

I think this look is great and I could absolutely see myself spend an hour or two with a coffee and a newspaper!

Anonymous said...

I definitely think I would - I really like the ambiance that the lighting is creating, and how awesome would it be to curl up in one of those chairs?


Jude said...

Looking good! Much nicer than what you usually get.

Terri said...

I would love it if Starbucks looked like this. It's much more of a place to hang out in than a place to grab & go. Lovely idea!

Joanna said...

I'm loathe to admit it because the coffee is so inferior, but I would not mind spending an hour or two in this space. Not one bit. It's sumptuous, gorgeous, and cozy.; in other words, everything that a coffee house should be. If only there were more places like this out there.

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