typeface memory game

i think i know what game we'll be playing in our house this winter! the typeface memory game includes 25 variations of the letter ‘a’, each in a different letter type, and your job is to find the matching a’s in the same letter type. my favorite part is that typographic information about the letter is included on each card, and there's a separate folder that provides a general history of the typography. brilliant!

bike shelf

chris brigham of knife & saw has designed what may possibly be the best looking bike shelf i have every seen. made in either walnut or ash, the bike shelf is minimalist, yet 100% practical. to learn more or order your own, visit knife & saw here.

diy: outdoor kitchen

this outdoor kitchen is crazy cute and uber practical. the best part? you can make it yourself (or hire a carpenter friend to give you a hand). studio mama has a free download-able pdf of step-by-step instructions to create your own outdoor kitchen, with a gas cook top, bucket sink, chopping board, storage space, and grey water collection bucket. brilliant, right? i think i'll be asking the mister to build me one of these when we move into our new place for warm summer nights. download the instructions here and get building.

dansk kobenstyle

 i've recently developed a new addiction: dansk kobenstyle enamel cookware. i'm obsessed. i found a dutch oven at the alameda flea market, and now have a fondue pot and burner, and a paella pan, and an ebay watch list that is borderline out of control. i can't get enough of it.

dansk, an american company, worked with danish designer jens quistgaard from the mid-50's through the 80's. made of enameled form sheet metal, the kobenstyle collection is modern and practical, with a variety of colors, and considerably lighter than le crueset cast iron cookware.

during the time of it's production, the following pieces were created:
frying pan
fondue pot
dutch oven
paella pan
butter warmer
baking pan
coffee pot

there's a considerable number of pieces on etsy, but they tend to be high priced. ebay is certainly the easiest, with the broadest selection of colors and pieces. i'm a glutton for every last one, but i have to admit, i want a turquoise dutch oven more than anything else. what's your favorite color in the collection?

fleeting immersion

i am absolutely smitten with the fleeting immersion collection by jen renninger. the work was done for the fleeting immersion pop-up installation and concept shop, with a sante fe astronaut theme. i'm kind of dying to see what the artists have done! in the interim, you can all join me in drooling over jen's work - these images are only the tip of the iceberg of amazing pieces she's created.

(thanks to erica for sharing...)

our regularly scheduled programming will return in...

hello everyone. so sorry for the lack of posts. life's gone and played it's wild trick where more happens in the time it scientifically should be able to, and i'm playing a fierce game of catch up as a result. i'll be back to posting at the end of the week - pinky swear. in the mean time, enjoy this video...


feeling burnt out? long hours, an endless to-do, and monumental tasks? yep, sounds pretty familiar. get the knockknock workday recovery kit, for your friends, collegues, or even yourself. with a remedy booklet, bandages, a "burnt-out" bracelet, affirmation cards, awesome metal charm and certificate of recovery, you'll be on the mend in no time.

(spotted on the dieline)

boys & girls

smitten with these necklaces from steven alan.

nimit malavia

i'm totally smitten with these pieces by nimit malavia. equally gorgeous is nimit's sketchbook shots - i love getting a little peek into the creation process of artists work.

print factory

i love.love.love this print factory gocco print by jez burrows. it is perfect in every way.

(spotted on swiss-miss)

a paper perfect world

i first wrote about max dalton just over a year ago, and his work just gets better and better. these mid-century cut out sets are fabulous, and i so want a set of my own. i think they would look super cute framed on a wall too! follow max's creations on his blog here.


i'm really loving the pratt collection at west elm, designed in collaboration with students from the pratt institute. the minimalist lines are a dream, and the eucalyptus brown against the white is absolutely beautiful. check out the whole office collection here.

so you need a typeface


this typeface selection process poster is crazy cute. maybe one day when i have a little office space again, this will go up on the wall. order your own now.
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