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 i've recently developed a new addiction: dansk kobenstyle enamel cookware. i'm obsessed. i found a dutch oven at the alameda flea market, and now have a fondue pot and burner, and a paella pan, and an ebay watch list that is borderline out of control. i can't get enough of it.

dansk, an american company, worked with danish designer jens quistgaard from the mid-50's through the 80's. made of enameled form sheet metal, the kobenstyle collection is modern and practical, with a variety of colors, and considerably lighter than le crueset cast iron cookware.

during the time of it's production, the following pieces were created:
frying pan
fondue pot
dutch oven
paella pan
butter warmer
baking pan
coffee pot

there's a considerable number of pieces on etsy, but they tend to be high priced. ebay is certainly the easiest, with the broadest selection of colors and pieces. i'm a glutton for every last one, but i have to admit, i want a turquoise dutch oven more than anything else. what's your favorite color in the collection?


Signe said...

Love these! I certainly would not mind having the yellow/green/blue set in my kitchen :)

Dar said...

I have an obsession with these, as well! I love the colors, & those handles - so graceful & practical.
So far I've found a paella pan (red) & a baking pan (yellow). What colors are your pieces? I wonder if all of the colors were equally in production, or if some are harder to find.

natalie. said...

i have the red medium dutch oven, and the fondue pot & paella pan in yellow. i've noticed turqoise sells at the higher end, and white has been hard to find. i really love the white butter warmer with teak handle - super cute!

check back for a post on their teak items - stunning!

pinkshirtsandcarwrecks said...

i found a turquoise dansk paella pan at a thrift store and was pretty stoked - thought it came with a lid (and was missing) but turns out they don't come with lids! score!

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