paris vs new york

adorable illustrations chronicling the differences between paris and nyc. check out the collection as it grows here.

sproket rocket

the newest in the lomo family - the super wide pano sproket rocket! i'm thinking this will on my christmas wish list AND on my christmas gift list! learn more about this 35mm gem here.


there's only one, so hurry & swoop it up quick!


the snow started falling here last night, and now all i can think about is curling up with the dogs, reading magazines, and drinking hot tea. doing so with the spout tpot wouldn't be too shabby either. super cute with different colored wool sleeves, you really can't go wrong. get your own here.

pop's 'stache

totally unnecessary, but absolutely hilarious - the pop's 'stache. it's the newest way to keep tabs on which drink is yours - fantastic.


totally smitten with these hitchcock prints by needle design. rear window is one of my favorite movies ever!

feeling ferm

ferm living has some gorgeous stuff right now (like usual) - really lust worthy if you ask me. decide for yourself here.


how stunningly beautiful are these agate and silver necklaces by stone&honey? see the whole collection and then some on their site here.

felt & wire

the felt & wire shop is pretty much a curated dream of goodness. made up of designers, printers, bookbinders, and artists, the felt & wire collective is your one stop shop for all things paper goods. here are a few of my personal favorites:

5 of spades

now that we're in salt lake city, i actually have a reason to buy winter wear this year. each year i swoon over the kate spade winter collection, and this year is no exception. here are my top 5 picks to keep you warm & toasty this winter:

cozy cuff

i'm not a coffee drinker, but i still really want one of these cozy cuffs. designed for people who have java on the go, the felt (or leather) cozy cuffs double as cup sleeves when you pick up your cup of joe. pretty brilliant idea, and with a wide variety of colors, there's no going wrong. check out the collection here.

i do.

i'm totally smitten with these record wedding invitations by ellothere. i kind of want to make some as regular party invitations! check out their amazing etsy shop full of custom wedding invites here.

dining in

one of the perks of our new house is that we'll actually have a dining room, something we haven't had in quite awhile. we've been collecting great dining rooms on pinterest to give us some inspiration, and have decided to make our table, and use mid-century chairs to finish it off. we're debating between old barn wood, or just an old door to make the table - but whatever we end up with, it sure will beat eating on the couch! what are some your favorite dining rooms?

check out our full dining room pinboard here.

wild thing

since we're moving to utah, we've had to come to terms with the fact that people there like to hunt. we're a family that catches and releases spiders we find in the house, so you can only imagine how we feel when we walk into a living room with a giant elk head mounted on the wall. that said, we respect the fact that it's part of the culture there, and are feeling a wee bit inclined to get some taxidermy of our own. of the cardboard variety, of course. 

cardboard safari makes some pretty spectacular cardboard taxidermy - i'm thinking we'll need the giant moose head for our mantel.

that's what she said

just had to post this, since i found it so odd, and would love to hear everyone's thoughts on re-tweeting etiquette.

earlier today, i posted the tweet above linking to a fast company article about the new gap logo. later this evening, they posted the following re-tweet:

is it just me, or is it not really re-tweeting someone when you make them sound like a 13 year old who doesn't know proper english? i was a bit baffled. has this ever happened to any of you?

i love fast company, but i think it's poor form to rewrite what a person has posted - especially to such a degree that is unlike the original author. "skool"? c'mon now people...

one of a kind

i love unique portraits of people, and none is more unique, or one of a kind, than these cut out fingerprint portraits. this would be a seriously fun project to do at home if you have an ink pad, scanner/printer, and fresh x-acto knife.

simply take the fingerprints needed, scan them in, enlarge them to the size you need and print. if you want a super clean print, flip the image before printing and cut on the side with smudged lines. then flip the paper over once your done for a clean surface and properly facing print. i think i'll be making these for the mister and i this year - how about you?

(found on apartment therapy)

it's eggcellent

i not-so-secretly want this to keep a little chicken in for fresh eggs when we move. the nogg, made from cedar wood to curb odors & bacteria, is designed to be both modern and functional. the glass dome on top twists and lifts for ventilation, and it's stellar good looks keep it from being an eyesore in your tastefully decorated yard. start housing your hens in style and order a nogg here.

the mus

as the mister and i pack up everything in sight, we're simultaneously planning how to set up the new house. we're in need of a couch since we recently sold ours, so of course there are countless hours of "ooohing" and "aaahing" over couches that are absolutely amazing.

case in point, the mus by koo. surrounded by a wood bench frame with plants and magazine holder, this couch is a wee bit of a dream. don't you think?

learn more about it here.
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