one of a kind

i love unique portraits of people, and none is more unique, or one of a kind, than these cut out fingerprint portraits. this would be a seriously fun project to do at home if you have an ink pad, scanner/printer, and fresh x-acto knife.

simply take the fingerprints needed, scan them in, enlarge them to the size you need and print. if you want a super clean print, flip the image before printing and cut on the side with smudged lines. then flip the paper over once your done for a clean surface and properly facing print. i think i'll be making these for the mister and i this year - how about you?

(found on apartment therapy)

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jessica said...

hey there. i found your blog via pinterest. you have a great blog. i love how clean and fresh it is! and , i am currently getting back into art and i just was looking around yesterday for how to do silhouettes. this is so much cooler!! if i can get my son to hold still i'd like to do one of each of our thumbs and put them up in the house. thanks!

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