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just had to post this, since i found it so odd, and would love to hear everyone's thoughts on re-tweeting etiquette.

earlier today, i posted the tweet above linking to a fast company article about the new gap logo. later this evening, they posted the following re-tweet:

is it just me, or is it not really re-tweeting someone when you make them sound like a 13 year old who doesn't know proper english? i was a bit baffled. has this ever happened to any of you?

i love fast company, but i think it's poor form to rewrite what a person has posted - especially to such a degree that is unlike the original author. "skool"? c'mon now people...


Michelle Hodges said...

I completely agree. If I re-tweet and can't fit the entire prior tweeter's message I will cut it off. I won't change their words to "text" lingo. Totally Lame!

mia said...

That's not a RT, it's a MT (modified tweet)... I hate when people do that and don't specify they're doing it. If a tweet is too long for me to RT old school style (RT @twitteruser blahblahblah), that's when I use that annoying RT button. It will RT exactly how it was originally tweeted, no editing required.

Mark said...

That is seriously in poor taste. What were they thinking? Seems off brand for Fast Co, right?

Andre said...

Agree with Mark. Poor taste indeed. They created the retweet button for a reason. Perhaps @Fastcodesign should get off their tweet app and use the real deal to avoid this issue.

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