wild thing

since we're moving to utah, we've had to come to terms with the fact that people there like to hunt. we're a family that catches and releases spiders we find in the house, so you can only imagine how we feel when we walk into a living room with a giant elk head mounted on the wall. that said, we respect the fact that it's part of the culture there, and are feeling a wee bit inclined to get some taxidermy of our own. of the cardboard variety, of course. 

cardboard safari makes some pretty spectacular cardboard taxidermy - i'm thinking we'll need the giant moose head for our mantel.


Melanie's Randomness said...

Now this is a form of taxidermy that is totally awesome!!! I love the moose!!

Sitting In A Tree Kissing said...

I just love these soo much! They're sooo cute and creative :)

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