hello model kitty

joseph senior created these insanely amazing hello kitty models. i seriously want 95% of these in my possesion, only catch is, they're only illustrations. pretty crazy, right? check out his whole flickr collection of hello kitty goodness here.

one chair at a time

it's a well known fact that i am obsessed with chairs, especially those of the mid-century variety. so, it should be of no surprise that i LOVE this 2011 chair calendar by story by mia. oh lordy. gimme.

care package

have parents who are always asking you for tech support? whether it's managing their email, setting up wireless printers, using "the facebook" - the list goes on and on. lucky for you, there's now teach parents tech, a nifty little site designed by the fun folks at google to help make your tech lessons, and your holiday breaks at home, a little more fun. too cute.


ona camera bags are seriously the best looking things i've seen all year. i'm not particularly keen on their women's line, but the men's line is jaw dropping. multi-functional camera bags are a dream, especially when they just look like an extraordinarily good satchel. their roma carrying case is also great for the ladies who want to protect their camera gear in any purse they already own. check out the whole collection by ona here.

a sweet gatsby time

how fantastic is this great gatsby business card print by the heads of state? oh, you know, because their other work wasn't charming enough. get your own swanky letterpress goodness here.
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